Who We Are, What We Do

Al Ameed tourism is a limited liability travel agency conducting its business in Amman- Jordan.

As a new company we’ve been continuously striving -during the last few years- to provide not only the highest standards, but also, perhaps, the most unique and comfortable tour that it is possible to buy.

Despite our recent history, we believe that we started from the top; where we’ve been competing deep-rooted companies in the field; due to our experiences, abilities, and our concern for the convenience of our customers; we also believe that our success is due to fulfilling people’s exact needs, and committing to our promises in various aspects.

Al Ameed tourism has collaborations with some of the world’s leading firms in order to facilitate and develop traveling and accommodation on a worldwide basis, these relationships has formed successful partnerships between us and our associates regarding experience exchanging and quality improvement.

We actually have several disciplines on our Staff and manpower through which we can manage and execute several and various tours in a record time, our team incorporates young and dynamic people who understands the respective needs of every traveler and has created a number of excellent new tours to fit all traveler’s needs.

Al Ameed tourism offers packages includes programs that satisfies many people as they are, but also, we provide customized tours, which means that our organizers will take into consideration all of your wishes and we will do our best to accommodate them, thus what we truly count is your satisfaction.

We pride ourselves to be one of the top names in the field known by representing the entire spectrum of vacation and travel packages, our company recently moved increasing annual numbers of passengers, and account for a growing sales volume, such sales success story reflects the organization's pledge to encourage and maintain the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and special service.

There's a lot more to Al Ameed Tourism than traveling services, that’s a facts you can examine with us, because reliability is our key, integrity is the pillar of our strategy, and because we believe in flexibility to meet customers’ expectations and enable them to enjoy their desired destination, so Learn how to be a smart traveler and plan your trip with confidence…

Our Values

  • Integrity as tourism professionals
  • Respect for the land, the people, and their cultures
  • Ability to work with others in progressive ways that evolve, embrace and adjust to the opportunities that the future holds.


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